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Oooooohhhh my god. I had the busiest day I can ever remember having yesterday.

Woke up at seven, was at church by seven thirty, did the powerpoint for both the eight o'clock and eleven o'clock services, went out to lunch with the 'rents and the Jelens, went home and chilled for fifteen minutes, drove to Worthing and did my audition for The Movie Game, drove back home, took a shower, went to the Outpouring (kind of like an evening church service the 'rents were leading the music for) did powerpoint for that, ended up staying a little while after and debating theology with Gary who isn't the brightest crayon in the box, came home at 10:30, checked email and IMed for about fifteen minutes before I finally just passed out and went to bed.

Mary, mother of God. Seventeen and a half hour day. I haven't pulled that in a long while and I don't think I'm going to be pulling it again for a long while.

Anyways, the audition went well. It was me and two other people who showed up and then the director. We did some warm-up improv games and then we did some cold readings. It was obvious the older lady had some experience under her belt, but she and the director were both good to me and the other kid, the just-out-of-high-school theater geeks. Turns out the guy is pretty cool (we talked a bit during the lulls in the audition) and he does sound and lights for plays he doesn't get into. Takes a lot of guts, methinks, to work on a play you auditioned for and didn't get a part in. Actually, that made me say I'd be willing to help with props and costumes. Because I miss doing that.

So the Sound of Music audition is tonight which SUCKS because I have what may be a sinus infection. I've got all the usual symptoms for it. So we'll see how it goes.

Been doing a lot of thinking about college since I didn't get into the BFA program. I've been thinking that maybe just going to USD would be better than U of M, at least for freshman year. If I hate it, I can always transfer. I just think that going from homeschooling/a tiny private college to U of M would be a huge transition and culture shock. And I'm already freaking out about moving away and being, in essence, on my own in the world. Especially since U of M discourages living in dorms after freshman year. I'm just like "Am I really ready for this? Can I handle it?" and at USD it would be a lot easier because it's a smaller school and beyond that, it's an hour away from home, so if I had a lot of trouble or something I could drive home for the weekend and crash at my parent's place.

IDK. Things to think about. I'll stop rambling now.
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