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First of all...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] hiwndmuses!
congrats on the big 18! you're officially legal!

Okay. Now have a meme:

First seven commenters: pick a muse and I will answer questions about them.

1. James T. Kirk
2. Jimena Tracy Kirk
3. Cass Artemisia
4. Brainiac 5 / Querl Dox

Questions for all of them:
↘ What do you do with them?
↘ Are any of them dating each other?
↘ Have they ever been killed?

About number one:
↘ What do they do for a living?
↘ What do they dress like?
↘ Who is their best friend?
↘ How would they respond to abuse?
↘ Do they have any nicknames?
↘ Are they seeing anyone?
↘ What species are they?
↘ Do they eat meat?
↘ What kind of accent do they have?
↘ Are they a virgin?

About number two:
↘ What's their middle name?
↘ How old are they?
↘ What's their favorite hobby?
↘ What's their sexuality?
↘ Any special powers?
↘ What religion are they?
↘ Do they get ridiculed?
↘ What species are they?
↘ Who are their friends?
↘ Have they ever wanted to kill someone?

About number three:
↘ What color is their hair?
↘ What is their favorite food?
↘ Do they have a nice singing voice?
↘ Have they ever hurt someone?
↘ Are they a virgin?
↘ Are they single?

About number four:
↘ Are they male or female?
↘ What is their favourite colour?
↘ Who is their worst enemy?
↘ What sort of clothes do they wear?
↘ Where are they from?
↘ Are they in a relationship?

About number five:
↘ Do they use magic in any way?
↘ What religion are they?
↘ Do they have any kids?
↘ Has anyone close to them ever died?
↘ Do they have any nicknames?
↘ If they were an animal, what would they be?
↘ What sort of TV programs do they like?
↘ What is their fondest memory?

About number six:
↘ What number would represent them?
↘ Where are they from?
↘ Do they consider themselves pretty?
↘ How often do they sleep?
↘ Do they daydream?
↘ What is their sexuality?
↘ Do they have any hobbies?

About number seven:
↘ Do they like being outdoors?
↘ What's their personality like?
↘ Do they hate anyone?
↘ Do they have a crush?
↘ Are they intelligent?
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